Daeva Slayer

  • Daeva Slayer 3D
  • Daeva Slayer 3D
  • Daeva Slayer 3D

Daeva Slayer 3D, a fps game targeting Android

Available at : Android Market

Tropical Sudoku

Sudoku with a tropical theme
Tropical Sudoku

Never waste a bored moment again. Tropical Sudoku provides 40 Sudoku boards, the puzzle of our time.

Utilize the touch screen for fast input.

- 40 boards/ Easy, Medium, Hard, Very Hard - Scratch possible numbers - Autosave

Available at: Android Market

Red Ocean Solitaire

Red Ocean Solitaire
Red Ocean Solitaire
Classic Solitaire, also called patience.
- Draw 1 or 3 cards
- Autosave
- 1 Undo (More is taking away the fun)
- Autosubmit

Drag and drop the cards by your fingertip.

Available at: Android Market

Changeling Aces

Changeling Aces
Really anoying

Available at: Android Market


Tropical Sudoku Tropical Sudoku
Match similar blurps to make them disappear,

You gain score by the number of blurps destroyed each turn.

- Excellent music and sounds
- Smooth graphics with a space theme

Easy to learn, hard to master, highly addictive.

Available at: Android Market

Dancing Girls 3D

Android. Removed from GooglePlay

Barbarian Nights

Do your job as a barbar, kill Eldor and save the village

Can you survive a barbarian night?
A magic crystal protecting the village has been stolen.
Kill Eldor, retrieve the crystal, win the princess.

J2ME Game, no longer in stock


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